Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Story Ideas For the Conceited Glove


Been thinking about some ideas for my story of the Conceited glove, above is a rough brain storm with a couple of possible ideas.
Some of the ideas are not very clear so here is a break down:

  • Wooly glove in competition with other items of clothing such as a scarf thinking he is better than the others at keeping a person warm. As a person comes over puts the scaf and hat on but looks at the gloves and just puts there hands in there pocket.
  • Wooly glove admiring his multi-coloured patterns in a mirror, then walking down a street like they are the best looking thing on this earth. As he begins to walk other passing gloves start to point and laugh at something on his back, the gloves soon realises what is happening then turns around to look at his back to see a hole in his 'bum' or price tag or made in china tag.
  • Or wooly glove walking along as the cotton unravles
  • Supporter gloves? Suggested by Johnny S but not sure what where to go with that.
  • Shadow of a really big mucelly glove posing showing off his muscels but turns out to be a tiny baby glove 
  •  Queen glove at glove museaum thinks its better than other gloves.
  • Boxing glove winning a boxing match goes around beating up other boxing gloves but gets beaten by a baby glove.
Some of these ideas will involve alot of characters which isnt idea for the time scale we have for this project, some of these ideas will need to be simplified down.

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