Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Height Comparison

Lyonard Turnarounds and Expression Sheet

Borg Turnaround

Improved Logo

Week 9 Character Design Class

In this lesson with Justin we covered environment concepts and how we could match them to our characters considering mood, lighting and perspective to evoke certain emotions.

My task was to create an abandoned city, at first I was thinking of big city's like New York, however I wanted to think outside the box so looked at Venice and turning it into a swampy environment.

Borg Expression Sheet

Chair Concept in Colour

Submission CD Design

Villain Turnaround and Expression Sheet

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Chair Concept Line Art

Characters All Together!



Sidekick - Borg the Cyborg Eel Final Pose Development

Final Image

Villain - Toad/Frog Final Pose Development

Final Image

Taking on Alan's advice from the other day I wanted the lines of the character to be very definite in there shape so I used the pen tool to create a smooth outline to fin the define shapes from my initial sketches. It was a long process for me but I am happy with how clean the lines look. I'm still thinking of a name for this little guy, when I get his name his initial will be printed on the diamond on his belt. I also decided to change the brace that was around his neck to a belt because I felt it was looking too much like a bib so I turned it into a belt around that big belly of his.

Hero - Bryon's Final Pose

Thursday, 10 November 2011

@ Justin - Sidekick + Villain Confusion

After putting my sidekick and villain together, I am having second thoughts of who is the villain and who is the sidekick. The Eel who I originally designed as the villain is suddenly becoming a henchman sidekick to the frog, but at the same time the frog still seems like a sidekick, so I can see it being both ways. As I am stuck at a crossroads of what direction to take, I would like your thoughts of where to go from here.

Sidekick Design

Villain Development Concepts