Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Icebergs and Monoliths and Biological Apocalypse

This Aids advert released in 1987 and ran with the slogan 'Dont Die of  Ignorance'. The ad shows an extremely atmospheric apocalyptic view of the aids virus as it was perceived in the late 80's.

Unit 6! Commission!

To get the ball rolling for this project I decided discuss of ideas of possible themes with Andriana.
I want to start thinking about the style and target audience before I chose a difinite lifecycle theme because I feel some themes wont suit all the styles. For example HIV wont nessarly appeal to an audience of pre - school children but more suited to a pre - teen/ teen/adult audience.

Theme Ideas

  • School Theme - Desk, Classroom, Textbook, Chalkboard.
  • Hospital/ Lab - Injection, Microscope, X-ray vision
  • Book - Textbook, Pop-up book. 
  • Mission Log/ Spy detective theme - from the p.o.v of the virus
  • Area 51 top secret alien life form
  • Retro games - Grapical Style/ Space Invaders! :)
  • Artistic style - flow with music and colour
  • Documentary
  • Sileint Film
  • Body News Flash/ TV broardcast
The two ideas highlighted are jumping out at me as having the most potenial thus far, so with a bit more research into them I can narrow it down to what works the best.

Life Drawing







After Effects Tutorial - Masks, Alphas + Puppet Pins

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Crit Presentation

Unit 5 Presentation

Walk Cycle

Final Animation

Final Animation: The Conceited Glove

After a couple of hours trying to export the video with sound it is finally ready!

Credits: Soundtrack: extract from 'Eye of the Tiger' - Survivor 

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

CD Design For Unit 5


The Art of The Conceited Glove

Unit 5 Presentation

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

@Phil Animation Timing?

Hey Phil, I have just finished my animation... yet to put on sound which is screaming out Rocky soundtrack :), however it comes to 1 minute 16 and that is without credits. I think i forgot to account for pauses in the animation and just animated the movement which has added up quite a bit. Just wondering if i would need to cut anything out?

Animation Completed!

Yet to put in sound effects but the drawing is done! :) Woop woop! I am happy with the timings and the puchline cues and the dream sequence turned out pretty good. there are a few imperfections but it does'nt effect the storyline.

Monday, 4 April 2011