Monday, 27 September 2010

Photoshop Painting

This was the first time i had used a graphics tablet to paint in photoshop, i used a soft edge brush which gives the image a hazy glow but i found that i was able blend tones together smoothly. I decided to role with the concept of being undergrond in a burrow with the light souce shining in from the surface.

Armadillo Studies to Morph Development

This is a prehistoric creature that is related to the armadillo the Glyptodon
There is also the doedicurus

In my drawings i experimented with different poses...

The drawing above looks a bit too masculine because of the bulky shoulders... as it is has to reflect me i will have to make it more feminine.

By making the shoulders less bulky makes the creatures figure look more feminnine

As a form of defence the armadillo can curl up in to a ball... i felt i could reflect this in the body languge of my creature through a croutching pose. Although it could be interesting to look at the idea of rolling and incorporate movement into my piece. From here i think ill take some pictures of different poses i can work with.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Research: Armadillo

'Armadillos are recognised by the armour of scutes that covers their shoulders and pelvic regions. Three-banded armadillos, genusTolypeutes, yellow or six-banded armadillos, Euphractus sexcinctus, and nine-banded armadillos, Dasypus novemcinctus, have a number of flexible half rings over the middle and back. This armour protects the animals against predators and spiny vegetation. In addition, some species protect their hairy, soft under surfaces by withdrawing their legs under their shoulders and hips and sitting tight on the ground; other species roll up. Armadillos are terrestrial and burrowing mammals equipped with muscular fore limbs and hind limbs and large sharp claws for digging in soil to find food and to excavate burrows and nests. They are nocturnal animals with poor eyesight but a well-developed sense of smell and/hearing.'
Iv highlighted some features and behaviour characteristics of the armadillo that i can portray in my designs.


Presenting... Random Doodles

Here is some of my work that i have done over the holidays in my free time... 

Forest Fairy 

Forest Fairy Photoshop Edit
 I done this picture over the summer, its one of my first attempts at photoshop so its pretty basic. I don't like that i relied on the out line, i would like to break away from this in the current project and make it look more like a painting.  

Forest Horse


Rock Armadillo!!!... some relevance to my current studies. 

Water Rabbit/Fish
Take two at photoshop. Again over the summer, i decided to play around with photoshop this time using a few of the filters. Still got those outlines!!!

Zombie Doodle Page
You have to doodle in a new sketch book!!! (Left 4 Dead channeling though my subconscious i think :/ )

Hand Studies

Portrait Sketches

Rough sketches from photographs

Quick self portrait from a Mirror

Friday, 17 September 2010

Unit 1: Anatomy

Dasypus Novemcinctus AKA an Armadillo

Waiting in my teleportation pod, eagerly wanting to explore the furthest reaches of our universe. This is it time to go... when... an ARMADILLO!?! crosses the path of the machine! Getting a little more than the peanut butter sandwiches in my bag...

...Football Anyone???

Summer Project - Structure Design

To continue with my mining worker theme i decided to use one of my shape designs to turn into a cave like enterance to a mine shaft. Possibally influenced by skull island in King Kong because of its skull like qualities.

Summer Project - Life-form Design

Full A1 sheet - For my life form design i chose to develope a bird design which linked with my mining robot as the carary that goes inside the cage in its crest. 

Faces/ Hair-feather styles

I was thinking of giving the Canary a lantern around his neck but i thought it would of looked a bit to much on this simple looking design.

Summer Project - Machine Final Designs

This is my machine design, one of my rough designs followed a mining them'e but i liked the the shape and design of another so i decided to combine the two. To bring the mining concept into my robot i gave him an arm that can rotate into a 'hand'. In the centre he has a canary cage and either side are flash lights also on his back he has a coal store. I decided to leave left arm as the gun in the original design because you never know what creatures lurk in the dark mine tunnels!

Summer Project - Gathering of ideas (101 Drawings)

I approached the drawings by using tracing paper to collect a range of shapes, then i let my imagination morph them into a form of creature, building or machine.