Friday, 17 December 2010

Photoshop Texturing Tutorial Unit 3 Wk 3

Final Texture

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Final without Paint

Painted Wood

Colour Selection Image and Possible Bump Map for Maya

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Location Idea: An Abattoir?

Francis bacon inspired location idea...

An Abattoir is something we know of in society but we choose ignore it, but when we are visually presented with the place we are disgusted by it. For example its not what you would think about while your eating your BigMac in Mac Donald's.

Visually the environment will be interesting to work with in Maya constructing the conayerbelts and the enongated room.

Photography Research: Kate Bernauer

I have been looking at photographers who have a narrative driving there work for inspiration... These photographs are from Kate Bernauer's collection called 'Ill Be Home In Time For Dinner', her work is highly inspired by narratives from dreams, myths and tall stories.She explores 'the ridiculous and often tragic nature of human experience through the staging of people engaged in strange and often futile activities.' The photographs capture a moment of something about to happen, done in a very theatrically 'staged' manner.
I liked One Small Leap and The Saw because they create a false sense of security or horror in the image by blocking some of the image out with darkness, leaving our own interpretation to fill in the rest of the image. The high lighted areas act almost like a staged spotlight creating an outline drawing our attention to one area. Creating a snap shot as an artist we can conseal areas within an image to show the audience what we want them to see...

'One Small Leap'

'The Saw'

'The Novel'
Source Images:

Photoshop Tutorial: Letter Texturing

With Highlight... Final Image

No Trespassing Colour Image

B+W Image

Maya Santa Hat!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Scarecrow Inspiration: Jeepers Creepers 2 (2001)

The Uncanny: Research (Slideshow)

Beginning to look at the Uncanny for the essay... Starting by following the recomended sites on MyUCA beginning with  I found this slide show which has some useful notes summing up Freud's Theory with a few examples. The slide titled 'in Horror texts' it mentions the traverller approaching an unfamiliar house which is the narrative idea i had with the barn idea. The text highlights the films Psycho, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre so it will be useful to look those.


Life Drawing Week 12

More Thumbnails = More Ideas!

There are a wide range of ideas here! I was just drawing the ideas as they came into my head and jotting down other idea alternatives like locations and sources of inspiration.  

Scarecrows/ Farmyard Barn idea and Voodoo Doll

Police holding room/ One way looking glass faint reflection of figure in the glass

Bed room/ Dolls

Bedroom with a shelf of dolls

Voodoo ritual

Hallway/ Narrow corridor window open at the end

Voodoo Dolls

Woodland Cabin/ Over grown house 

Attic Stairs

Jail Cell

Barn + Door