Thursday, 20 January 2011

Uncanny Dolls Research: Grace Weston

Can see more of her work @

UV Maps

Barn Middle

Barn Sides

Frame Detail 1

Barn Detail 2

Fence Post

Fence Beam

Roof Left

Roof Middle

Roof Right

Scarecrow UV

Sign Post UV

Tree UV

Final Influence Map

Matte Painting: Sky

I took the sky layer from my concept painting for my matte painting. When creating my concept painting I experimented with a couple of different types of sky (Day and Night) and the dawn sky was the one i felt suited my scene the best. The dawn works well with my concept because it creates an atmosphere of revealing the after math of a disaster. It also worked well when contrasting against the silhouette of the scarecrows and the trees. It may be simple but it works well within the scene.  

Matte Painting

Scarecrow Influence Map

Barn Influence Map

Barn Refernce Images

Final Image

Final Image

Wire Frame


Before Photoshop

Occlusion Layer

Fence Texture Maps

Composition Experiments

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Barn Framework Texturing

I used the same texture I made for the rest of the barn but lighened it up slightly so it can stand out.

Roof Texture

I spent a bit of time texturing the roof of my barn but unfortunatly you can see it in my final scene :(... I was quite pleased with tho and it looks effective with the shadows of the trees splashed across it.

Middle Roof Texture

Right Roof Texture
Left Roof Texture

Bump Left (not all was needed to be mapped and textured)