Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Unit 6! Commission!

To get the ball rolling for this project I decided discuss of ideas of possible themes with Andriana.
I want to start thinking about the style and target audience before I chose a difinite lifecycle theme because I feel some themes wont suit all the styles. For example HIV wont nessarly appeal to an audience of pre - school children but more suited to a pre - teen/ teen/adult audience.

Theme Ideas

  • School Theme - Desk, Classroom, Textbook, Chalkboard.
  • Hospital/ Lab - Injection, Microscope, X-ray vision
  • Book - Textbook, Pop-up book. 
  • Mission Log/ Spy detective theme - from the p.o.v of the virus
  • Area 51 top secret alien life form
  • Retro games - Grapical Style/ Space Invaders! :)
  • Artistic style - flow with music and colour
  • Documentary
  • Sileint Film
  • Body News Flash/ TV broardcast
The two ideas highlighted are jumping out at me as having the most potenial thus far, so with a bit more research into them I can narrow it down to what works the best.

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