Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Time Surfers Synopsis

Main Concept Ideas

Through the center of the universe there is a stream of time; earth and other planets have come to rely on this time stream as a power source. The time stream is protected by time surfers it is their job to monitor the currents power keep the time flow in order.  
Time like water it flows in one direction but like rivers and the ocean it can flow at different speeds and in different directions.

Version 1

Villain Falls into Faster Time Stream – An accident happens resulting the character falling into a faster time stream and has mutated to survive in the new accelerated world. They remain there for over 1000 years constantly trying to find a way back into the slower moving universe. Over the 1000 years the villain has become corrupted by power and has created an alien race army. Meanwhile in the slower universe it has been 10 years since the disappearance of ‘villain’. When the villain returns he rips a hole in the time stream disrupting the flow of time leaving a portal between the two universes. Unless the hole is repaired the whole universe is in danger of collapsing. Through the portal the villain makes his advances to take control the universe and have complete power over the time stream. 
Version 2

Hero falls into Time Stream – Hero falls into a faster time stream in an accident and is sent 1000 years in the future, they find a way back to the slower moving universe. The hero eventually finds a way back their original time stream, but when they return they are followed by an evil force from the future. The machine that the hero created ripped a hole in the time stream creating a portal linking the two worlds which brings treat to the entire universe. The alien race from the future seeks to take control of the time stream and rule the universe. The hero is reunited with his friends and together it is his duty to save the universe from the new treat. They modify the Surfers* that they used to monitor the time stream to fight the alien advances.

*Surfers – machines they use to surf the time currents.

The main concept idea for the the time stream came from this short video describing how time flows like a river.

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