Thursday, 2 December 2010

Unit 3: Environment! : Initial Ideas

After the briefing on Monday like every project my mind was flooded with waves ideas!
The first things to come in my head were related to every scenes that you would find around the house with a little twist that would make you question the scene before you...

Idea #1 - Bedroom/ Hotel Room ('Psycho' inspired idea)

  • Pictures on the wall
  • Draws open with clothing hanging out
  • Scissors on the floor
  • Dim lamplight
  • Photograph on the bathroom floor
  • Bathroom door open with the light on
  • Shower curtain pulled half pulled across

Idea #2 - Hotel Corridor

  • Door at the end of the hallway
  • Door slightly open with the light shining through the gap
  • Do Not Disturb sign on  the door
Idea #3 - The Garden

  • Shed an the bottom of the garden
  • Shed open
  • Drag marks on the lawn
  • Shovel leaned against the shed
  • Plant pots covering some of the contents of the shed
Idea #4 - Hallway Front Door
Death/ Laziness

  • Several letters in front of the door
  • Cat Flap
  • T.V light from the room to the right
  • Shadow of a sofa with the head of a figure sitting on the chair
  • Shoes

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