Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Photography Research: Kate Bernauer

I have been looking at photographers who have a narrative driving there work for inspiration... These photographs are from Kate Bernauer's collection called 'Ill Be Home In Time For Dinner', her work is highly inspired by narratives from dreams, myths and tall stories.She explores 'the ridiculous and often tragic nature of human experience through the staging of people engaged in strange and often futile activities.' The photographs capture a moment of something about to happen, done in a very theatrically 'staged' manner.
I liked One Small Leap and The Saw because they create a false sense of security or horror in the image by blocking some of the image out with darkness, leaving our own interpretation to fill in the rest of the image. The high lighted areas act almost like a staged spotlight creating an outline drawing our attention to one area. Creating a snap shot as an artist we can conseal areas within an image to show the audience what we want them to see...

'One Small Leap'

'The Saw'

'The Novel'
Source Images: http://www.katebernauer.net/Rift3.htm

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