Monday, 27 September 2010

Armadillo Studies to Morph Development

This is a prehistoric creature that is related to the armadillo the Glyptodon
There is also the doedicurus

In my drawings i experimented with different poses...

The drawing above looks a bit too masculine because of the bulky shoulders... as it is has to reflect me i will have to make it more feminine.

By making the shoulders less bulky makes the creatures figure look more feminnine

As a form of defence the armadillo can curl up in to a ball... i felt i could reflect this in the body languge of my creature through a croutching pose. Although it could be interesting to look at the idea of rolling and incorporate movement into my piece. From here i think ill take some pictures of different poses i can work with.

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  1. A nice sequence of drawings here, but there is a slight sense that you're 'dressing up' in the 'costume' of your animal, as opposed to truly using the anatomies of both to forge a third creation; you need to work from the inside out and pursue the 'logic' of the resulting fusion; for some interesting comparative methods visit :