Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Presenting... Random Doodles

Here is some of my work that i have done over the holidays in my free time... 

Forest Fairy 

Forest Fairy Photoshop Edit
 I done this picture over the summer, its one of my first attempts at photoshop so its pretty basic. I don't like that i relied on the out line, i would like to break away from this in the current project and make it look more like a painting.  

Forest Horse


Rock Armadillo!!!... some relevance to my current studies. 

Water Rabbit/Fish
Take two at photoshop. Again over the summer, i decided to play around with photoshop this time using a few of the filters. Still got those outlines!!!

Zombie Doodle Page
You have to doodle in a new sketch book!!! (Left 4 Dead channeling though my subconscious i think :/ )

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