Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Photoshop Concept: Molishka aka The Kraken


  1. wow! love the black lines coming off your character and the style is great! :)

  2. I guess the only addition I'd make would be something from the wig/hair that suggests it's effected by the drag of the water - I know it's 'not' hair exactly - but with all that dynamism of swirling skirts, it just feels that everything else needs to reinforce that. Also - and it's early days - but I think you're going to need some additional reference/style for her face to ensure that she is suitably striking; it might be as simply as joining the bridge of her nose to her forehead more - something a bit more sculptural - not much, but enough.

  3. for example, Brancusi:


    You might also want to reference Aubrey Beardsley in terms of flowing frocks and lethal females...