Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Focal Length and Tilt

After staring at endless renders today I have chosen a final perspective that I like. What buged me the most was finding a go place to position the sign... The sign is the start of the perspective of my piece that leads the eye across the image to the scarecrow. It took a while to place everything where I want, like the barn I kept it at 90 degrees to the fence most of the time trying to use focal length, but i had to rotate it in the end.
Between the images below I have decided to go for the last image with a slight tilt to help the perspective and a focal length of 15 over 17 because it creates a greater sense of space.

Tilt with Focal Length of 17

No Tilt Focal Length 17

Tilt, Focal length 15 with Zoom

Tilt with Focal Length 15 

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