Friday, 7 January 2011

Back to Blog: Final Concept Resolved!

Time to get everything onto blog! Starting with my resolved concept... Over the hols iv been letting my ideas sink in and to find a way of resolving a final concept that is ready for Maya through the sea of endless brain dribble (ideas.)  So this is what i have come up with... 

Final Concept Piece
 My concept is a rural drought... what is a farm with out crops or cattle?
 However I feel like something is mising from the image, thinking of adding some props like a barrel? waggon wheel? well? or something infront of the barn. For further inspiration im looking at images from the great American dust bowl that happened in the 1930's around the time of the Wall Street Crash ( i remember learning bout this in history in year 9, my memory suprises me sometimes.)  

 Step By Step - Final Concept (Photoshop)


Paint brush made of the cracked earth...


  1. I love this K! The lighting, the prospective and the texturing is amazing! I think I prefer the dawn version. It makes the scarecrow in the distance stand out more :)

  2. Thank you! The drawn version? is the the light one? I think im gonna go with that one :)

  3. Go for it! I like how the trees really show like that too :)

  4. looks kool hun, I prefer the ligher one aswell, really works with the silhouette of the scarecrow..I think i agree with you that there is somthing missing from it need somethings else to trigger that uncannyness, something out of place....:)