Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Final Piece Coming Together

Most Complete Render So Far ( No Shot Cam and No Lighting)

This is my final image so far... The renders are not fantastic but you can see what I have began to piece together (more renders of individual parts will be loaded). I wanted to stick to the same layout as my concept painting to recreate the same scene because i was happy with the layout and perspective. I'm still not majorly confident in Maya so the modelling is quite basic... but it appears to be working in my favour of creating the empty uncanny feel. As my modelling is so basic I really want to bring it alive with some awesome textures! The trees and the scarecrow I wanted to keep the silhouette style I had in my concept painting so I decided to use the alpha channel to create moveable 'cut out's' so I can later use them to create shadows when I put the lighting in.    

The image above has the cut out trees but you cant see them when rendered against a black screen so i put in an image plane of my sky painting so they show up.


  1. Try to break up the tiling on the ground with different placed objects, or even revisit the texture and add some more to it in order to break it up. Keep going, not much more to critique yet.

  2. Iv used my texture as a tile shall I turn it into a UV map and break it up that way?

  3. I wouldn't the size of the floor is too big, you'd have to make it 4096x4096 just to not get any pixelation. Instead just populate the scene as much as you can with objects, and place them sensibly so that it hides the tiling a bit.