Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Research - Cyborg Mutants

When looking for examples of cyborg mutants that already exist I found it a bit more difficult than I first thought. Firstly finding the difference between a robot android and a cyborg. 

Android: 'Noun: (in science fiction) A robot with a human appearance.'

I assumed that Robo Cop and the Terminator were both cyborgs but they are actually androids! The definition of a cyborg is a being that has been modified by machinery. 


Mutant Cyborgs Combinations

Captain Silver -Treasure Planet

Davros - Dr. Who


Iron Man is an example of a cyborg who relies on machinery to keep him alive. Whats to say that someone with a pacemaker  isn't a cyborg??   
Pacemaker in 'Crank' for example

Lyn-Dae showed me this video related to the video game Deus Ex, it basically shows what our lives would be like if we could be enhanced by technology.

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