Sunday, 25 September 2011

Wk 1 Character Design Class: The Fat Scientist and the Hobo Ninja

Starting off our Character Design Project today we had a breifing from Justin who gave us great advice that will become very useful in progressing through the Character design unit. My drawing skills at present are ok but there is always room for improvement, understanding more about anatomy will play a big part in developing my drawings. Developing a style is another aim I want to achieve because I feel that im drifting inbetween styles and I could achieve something that is more defined. 

Fat Scientist - The drawing being in black and white I had a little bit of trouble getting the jacket looking like a lab coat which could be mistaken for a trench coat which says detective. The pocket with the pens solved this and the clipboard and glasses helped to finish it off. He comes across as a science professor you would find teaching, as aposed to a mad scientist stereotype.

Hobo Ninja - I had fun with this one... Why would a Hobo be a Ninja? I know he would be hungry and he would probaly go to extreme measures to get food and defend his lively hood toughing it out in the streets. 

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