Sunday, 25 September 2011

Start of the Second Year: Character Design

Time to get the ball rolling! Tuesday this week we were given the brief for our character design project our task is to create 3 different characters, a hero, villian and a sidekick. The era we have been given for reference is the 1980s looking at kids tv cartoon shows such as The Tunder Cats, He-Man and Transformers to name a few.
To create our own characters we picked two differnt concepts at random to mash up to drive our designs, my draw was CYBORG and MUTANT. Im considering this as a gift as the two concepts fit under the same umbrella in a way. They both exist within the sci-fi genre in alien creature design and futuristic technology.

Google Definitions:

'A fictional or hypothetical person whose physical abilities become superhuman by mechanical elements built into the body'  

*does a cyborg have to be human??... Mutant Cyborg :)     

'Noun: A mutant form.'

'Adjective: Resulting from or showing the effect of mutation: "a mutant gene"

Options: A Mutated Cyborg or A Cyborg Mutant



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  1. Hi Kay,
    I think the genres do fit together well. This does mean that its been explored elsewhere, so the trick is to create a particularly interesting and distinctive world and characters.