Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Influence Idea One: Coral Reefs, Sea Creatures and Natural Disasters

Looking back at my previous work in Unit 2 when I was researching coral reefs and caves it reminded me of what texture of what a vein wall could be like. I liked the bright colours of the coral and looking at most scientific diagrams of a virus the colours are bright too. Thinking in terms of story, my animation could progress through destruction of these colours as the virus takes hold of the body (HIV virus), however I wouldn't want the mood to be that of total destruction but that of a melancholy sadness. The mood would be similar to what you feel at looking at the aftermath of a natural disaster. The ending would leave the audience with a hope for restoration of its former beauty with the help of medicine because HIV in today's world of modern medicine is treatable but not entirely curable. I feel this would capture the right notes within an audience to perceive the HIV virus showing its destruction to the body and how it is no longer a death sentence.

Looking more into the sea theme I thought of a sea urchin resembling a similar form to that of a virus. Also looking at weirder other creatures from the bottom of the ocean could bring together a luminescent display of colour.

For the idea of desatureation looking at dead coral when its all dryed out and drained of colour almost like it has been fossilised or turned to stone. As pointed out by Phil on this topic, as i will have no narration or text in this concept it will be vital for me to make it clear who are the 'good guys' and the 'bad guys'. Suggesting that I look at the masters of distguishing good and evil, Disney. I think this will be very useful when it comes to designing the viris and the cells.

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