Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Pitch Feedback

Where to go from here...
  • Incorporate more computer type imagery on the screen, as this was not very clear.
  • Start working on After Effects and Pre - vis then combining the two.
  • Incorporate the transition between of the virus infecting the virus through colour. As Simon pointed out that the virus concept is very bright and the white blood cell concept was very neutural, infectected material could become like the virus and light up in colour.
  • The music was right for the animation.
  • Scientific information was spot on however there is a drawn back in lack of character the virus... maybe I was too focused on getting the information across that I forgot about showing the devistating effect it has on the body. Possibally a warning coming up on the screen at the begining setting up the virus in a differnt light, and then carry on the threat through the idea of colour change. 

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