Saturday, 7 May 2011

@ Phil Treatment

HIV Life Cycle

Im a bit unsure about the opening and ending of the animtion, it will create a nice introduction to the sci- fi computer style im aiming for but I feel it could also work if i pick it straight up from zooming in on the grid figure straight in the bloodsteam establishing the virus as it passes the camera. Im my inimation I will have to find a balance between text and 3D visuals but show enough information to give across some information. My target audience looks like it is heading towards young teenage boys therefore having too much writing wouldnt be ideal, taking that in mind I could there for cut out the text completely from the 3D and just have it at the begining and the end.
Most of the text I can do in afterefects afterwards but in the transitions I would like to make the most of the 3D space.


  1. reading back on this i feel its not a good idea to have the green to red man at the end as it shows that they have died... possibally just leaving it at the infection begining

  2. Hey Kay, I like the bookending you've got here - helps the information feel very placed and 'in a world' - having the interface activate is a natural start point - I suggest you commit to this idea fully and work it up accordingly.