Sunday, 8 May 2011

Pitch Presentation

Pitch Present Ion

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  1. Hi Kay - I've just written this in response to your Time Machine submission:

    Your introduction suggests a suitably scholarly approach to your analysis of the vampire as important cultural icon. What a shame then, that you were unable to submit the completed assignment. I suggest you email me at with your finished assignment asap so I can be reassured and reassuring. You certainly have the skills to write an effective assignment, but it would appear your time-management and characteristic indecision has let you down. Generally, you need to resolve ways to deal more effectively with your anxiety, because it is currently standing between you and greater successes.

    You won't be notified of your result for a while yet, as I'm still marking the remainder, but can I suggest you get your assignment written NOW - don't wait - and send it to me asap, so I can be sure all is going to be well. Don't be apologetic or anxious - just get it done.