Monday, 7 November 2011

Character Design - Villain Development

Starting Sketch

Neatened Photoshop Image

Looking at the eel it is a flexible, jelly like moving creature that wouldn't be able to support mechanical arms and legs therefore there would have to be some kind of  modified internal structure so it can. I looked at metal implants under the surface of the skin which look disgusting. In the eel I would imagined there would be a structure of metal rings supporting the creature up like an exoskeleton spine. On the arms I wanted to incorporate the spikes from a water water mine on the right and the spines of a sword nosed shark on the other. Keeping the the aquatic theme I used designs from armour shoulder plates and added a spiked fin shape.       

Looking back at this image a little bit later, the legs don't look quite right and I feel his face can be more pointy as well as the spines on his back so I can really exaggerate those villainous features. I feel one or two more sketches then I think he will be there :).

Moving onto what colour pallet to use, to begin with I used a selection of colours from the image of the Moray Eel and chose an image of blue dark rusted metal for the mechanical/metal components. 

My Favourite Colour Combo 

Villain Influence Map

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  1. Nice Idea, Im actually having a bit of armour for my villain too you have some interesting colour combos but I agree with the one you have chosen for the villain, the icky green screams the classic evil look :D