Monday, 7 November 2011

Villain and Sidekick Ideas and Sketches

I have been getting a lot of ideas down into sketches developing each sketch as I go along. Talking amongst some peers the idea of  taking a limbless creatures such as fish and think how they would become cyborgs to be able to walk on land. 

Villain Sketch Based on a Komodo Dragon Skeleton

Then I found the Green Moray Eel...

 To me it is one of the most vile looking sea creatures there are, just by looking at him gives me goosebumps!

Designs using the Moray Eel

Second Sidekick Idea Sketches - Jelly Fish 

After Talking to Phil today I will revisit the frog as a sidekick as it will able to embody more personality to become comedic by having a toady personality. Someone who obedient to there boss or master, or in my sidekicks case be bossed and kicked around by my villain.

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