Thursday, 10 November 2011

@ Justin - Sidekick + Villain Confusion

After putting my sidekick and villain together, I am having second thoughts of who is the villain and who is the sidekick. The Eel who I originally designed as the villain is suddenly becoming a henchman sidekick to the frog, but at the same time the frog still seems like a sidekick, so I can see it being both ways. As I am stuck at a crossroads of what direction to take, I would like your thoughts of where to go from here.

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  1. Sorry for not getting back sooner. You know, I seem to be seeing the toad/frog as the villain now. The lizard design is much much better now (good colour work on him), but he seems like the toads henchman. I think it may work better that way, but if that is the case, i think you will need to make the toad more intelligent - maybe give him that flying platform so he can elevate himself above his stupid henchman. I think he would need more cunning, clever bodylanguage/expressions to make that clear, and have the henchman a little more stupid and clumsy.
    If you still want to have the toad/frog as the sidekick, then i think he needs to be more crazy, and probably more thinner and flexible.
    I think the costume design on the toad/frog is reminiscent of ming the merciless style, so thats why i see him as the villain. It seems more like a leaders costume, while the big guy looks dangerous, but less like he is in control.
    Personally, i think there is less work, ironically enough, to switch the roles. I kind of like the toad thing ordering around a brute of a sidekick.