Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Character Design Class Week 8 - 'Jetpack Jones'

In today class with Justin we were given a brief to design characters for a T.V series titled 'Jetpack Jones' It was our task to design characters that were given to us from there character bios. I designed the characters Ariana and Jetpack Jones. Ariana is a love interest for Jones who is happy for her to travel around with him but she has a mysterious past with connections to the villain, in her design I wanted to show tow sides of her the rounded and cute side but still able to come across as strong. I came up with the idea of her having a detachable skirt that turns her outfit into a catsuit ready to fight, 'unveiling' a darker side of her. Jetpack Jones, i decided to make him a little bit overweight as he is an ex-airforce cadet, I also gave him scruffy hair to give him that daredevil edge.     

Ariana Good

Ariana Fighting

Jetpack Jones

Rough Size Comparison Chart

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