Thursday, 11 October 2012

Build-A-Snark Kit

Instead of approaching my designs by creating silhouettes from shapes of animals and sketching up creatures myself Phil suggested a more exciting way to create the Snark... make a 'Build-a-Snark' kit. The idea of the kit is to get people to arrange a selection of shapes, illustrations, photographs of animals to make a representation of what they think the Snark looks like, after they have read selected extracts from the poem. I feel this way I should be able to get a more interesting representation of the Snark because I am not limited by my own perception of the creature. The method also works in favor of the absence of description that nobody knows what it actual form is therefore they can only imagine what they think it looks like and it changes from person to person. The idea works in a similar way to a Boggart in Harry Potter which turns into what the person fears the most and has not single form.

Below is the extracts that I have chosen from the poems to start the Build-A-Snark kit... Next step gathering images.  Build a Snark Poem

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