Thursday, 11 October 2012

Year 3 - Minor Project Research and Ideas

Firstly I apologise for the absence on blog but work has been going on behind the scenes so in the next couple of posts I will bring everything up to date.
In the first tutorial with Alan in week 1 I put forward 3 Ideas that I have had in mind from the summer break:

Looking right the way back before first year at the summer project, I liked the machine design I created from the shapes in the brief. The character I designed was originally for a game concept (hence the guns and weaponry) based around a futuristic earth in mining caves. The brief for this project would be to build a futuristic robot drawing inspiration from the American mining industry in the 1800's.

The second starting point came from a pretty cool Mercedes Benz advert I saw that illustrated the characteristics of the left and right side of the brain. Once I read the descriptions on the ad I found that I could easily create two characters that embody these particular trait in behaviour and appearance. Talking more in depth with Alan about this idea we came to the idea of an animation involving two objects of some kind coming together to solve a problem or achieving a common goal in their unique ways.    

My third idea was pining of of the mining theme I had from the summer project involving a canary bird to follow a similar plot structure to that of the tale of the Boy Who Cried Wolf. The canary would be stuck in the cage within a mine but he would become bored sitting there day in and day out, so he decides to play dead and scares the miners. The ending of the story has the potential to be quite sinister with the bird dying or comical be caught seeking attention. The animation would stay within the cage and focus on the bird as a character and its movements. 

After the talk with Alan I chose to do take on the Left and Right side of the brain concept and he pointed me towards looking at Leonardo Da Vinci as the underlying theme is combining science and art. 

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