Friday, 12 October 2012

Operation Build-A-Snark Is GO!!!

The Build-A-Snark kit is ready! I asked a few people today to read the poem extracts I gave them 3 minutes to assemble some images to show what they think the Snark looks like. The responses to poem are already looking great! Its fascinating to see how unique everyone's Snark looks. Over the weekend I am going to ask a few friends from work to give the activity a go to get more people involved. I will also be about Monday and Tuesday in the university for any more volunteers :). 

Thank you everyone who took part today, and I'm looking forward to seeing more Snarks!!!  

Sam Tremain


  1. This is VERY EXCITING, Kay - congrats on getting it up and running - lovely choice of animal parts - and just look at the variety - looking forward to my go!

  2. Agreed! how exciting Kay, how will you choose. I like the results so far though WELL DONE :)