Thursday, 11 October 2012

The Hunting of the Snark

From talking with Alan in week one and researching ideas for the animation involving the left and right side of the brain I started to feel like I was heading down the wrong path attempting an abstract animation. Mainly because character design element would not for fill the depth of detail that I am drawn to. Although the idea for the animation was perfectly valid I just felt that my calling should be well within the realms of pure character design.

Talking with Phil in week two it became clear that I want to continue down the path of character design. Being back at square one again in week two I wanted to seek out places where I could start and brainstorming with Phil showed me to the nonsense poem of The Hunting of the Snark by Lewis Carroll. The best thing about the poem is that there is no actual description of the creature just the account of the hunting of it. Carroll purposely doesn't describe the creature because he wants the reader to question what it is... which means the design could be anything!!    

The poem is in the link below :)

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