Saturday, 22 October 2011

Character Design - Hero Development Cont.

Echoing what I started I sketched out a few more faces beginning to think what other features and clothing  say archaeologist. The most iconic examples are Indiana Jones and Lara Croft there clothing seem to be very simple piratical and neutral colours and not forgetting the hat. For audiences to know straight away this guy is an archaeologist I feel that I may have to use allude to these already iconic characters in my characters clothing.

The image above is a more finalised step towards my character thinking about the pose clothes. The figure is not exaggerated and is very generic (a guy in an Indiana Jones costume! grrrr :( ) but it is going in the right direction as basis to diverse from. I need to find a more inventive way to create interesting figures because I feel that drawing like this is not working for me. 

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