Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Character Design: Story Revised

I have decided to have the Mutants as the villains and the Cyborgs to be humans. The conflict between the two teams will be to fight over a powerful relic (the MacGuffin) that was lost on earth during a battle between the mutants and cyborgs.  The Hero's aim is to find the relic and protect it as he is its guardian, however it is the mutants who wish to use the relics powers to conquer other planets in the universe. To obtain and locate the relic they both have to remain hidden on earth but it becomes a battle to find the relic first. The main concept idea will be nature versus machine the mutants being able to transform into anything organic and the cyborgs anything mechanical, however when they transform I will want the audience to know what is a cyborg transformed object and what is a mutant transformed object but nobody else seems to notice so small signs.    

Next step from here is to write this up into my synopsis, also is to find out what kind of planets the mutants and the cyborgs come from that will influence the visual concepts.

Mutant Ideas

Mutated Fish
Mutated Insects
Anthropomorphic Mutants
Humans with mutant powers (from a future universe)

Cyborg Ideas (types of Machinery)

Car Parts
Computer Parts
Junk yard scrap metal
Steam-Punk Style

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  1. Hi Kay,
    I think this is a good solid premise. Its transformers, but with a neat twist. I think its very important you show each character in their human form, and when transformed. Perhaps they each have a specific form they can morph into, in addition to their general shapeshifting ability. Or each character may have a variety of themed forms, such as aquatic, flying, strong etc. Anyway, lots of very interesting ideas here.