Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Character Design: Story Line Direction

After talking to Justin and Alan last week, we discussed that merging the concept of a cyborg and a mutant is  possibly a bit too confusing in terms of creating a story by the characters becoming mutants then becoming cyborgs. They are already strong concepts so it will be more logical to keep them separate. Therefore my direction will be to have a story of mutants vs. cyborgs, so I will have to decide who are going to be the hero's the audience are going to cheer for and who are the villains.

To help me choose who would be the villains and who will be the hero's looking at some examples will help me to decide what approach to take. The X- Men are an example of heroic mutants in the form of gaining super powers from there mutations which make them appealing as hero's. On the other hand there are the monster mutants from Thundercats who are less human and more monster therefore more grotesque and look evil. Cyborgs would be less obvious they could have different lighting colours on there machinery as seen in most futuristic games such as Halo and in Tron (Red or orange represent evil and blue or white is good.)


X- Men - Good Mutants

Thundercats Mutants


Cyborg Blue/New/Clean/Good

Cyborg Red/Rusty/Dangerous  

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