Thursday, 13 October 2011

@Justin Character Design - Finalised Story!

The McGuffin

Vis-Stones* - Energy Stones that are created in meteor showers. They are able to connect to the human soul that allow it to transform physical form.

*Vis - Latin for Energy


N.O.V.A *-  A cyborg race from another universe who can use the Vis-Stones and attach to their machinery to give them power. They are also searching for more stones to power more advanced weaponry.

*(Neohuman Optimised for Vis-Stone Attachment)


Bryon Lyonard - (The Unwilling Hero)

The Side Kick

Columbus (Monkey) - (Comic Relief)


Thousands of years ago there was a meteor shower that brought Vis-Stones to earth, which were hidden until discovered by archaeologist Bryon Lyonard. The stones when touched by a human turn them into an animal form that lies in their soul. The Vis-Stones are also used by a cyborg race N.O.V.A, who arrive on Earth to harvest the rest of the stones to power their weapons posing a threat to other planets, including Earth. Bryon has to protect his stone because once a bond is made shattering the stone destroys the soul.  It becomes Bryon's duty to find the other stones to stop N.O.V.A to protect the universe.

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  1. Very Nice. I love the name NOVA, especially since its an acronym. It feels very much like an eighties premise, so great stuff. Ok, so I guess its time to flesh out those characters now.