Saturday, 22 October 2011

Character Design - Hero Sketches and Ideas

I have been thinking about what sort of character my hero is going to be, I know in my story that he is not your typical hero straight off, not till he finds the stone that transforms him into a macho anthropomorphic being that gives him powers. I have chosen him to transform into a lion because they are very protective and territorial animals because he is going to defend earth against cyborgs.

He is an archaeologist therefore he will be intelligent possibly a bit geeky and a bit of an outcast with great passion for adventures, searching for his big break, like the character Milo from Atlantis for example. With this knowledge in mind I will want his physic to be skinny, have a geeky but strong appearance (square slim face) that resembles features of a lion that will translate when he transforms.

The item that is transforming Bryon is going to be a stone therefore when he transforms he could become a stone like being. To begin looking at facial shapes I have looked at stone and crystal carvings of lions, looking for block shapes to translate into the face that will show similarities between his normal and transformed appearances.    

Female Archaeologist/Explorer  - Possible Side Kick 

After experimenting with various body shapes I developed the one above, it has been the most exaggerated form I have done that I like thus far. I have been struggling with the male body proportions because it is something I have never really tackled in terms of drawing, also in comparison of my knowledge of drawing the female form. I feel that I am wrapped up in the technicalities of understanding the form that I am finding it harder to exaggerate. The figure above I  tried to make him tall and skinny but in the process I gave him big legs and big hands, Justin pointed out that this figure would suggest that the character is likely to do a lot of kicking and fighting with these exaggerated features.

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