Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Wk3 Character Design Class

Today's lesson was to experiment with proportions and shapes of the face to create memorable characters, also to look at character body proportions and to exaggerate them too. The more unusual the face gets the more memorable the character gets.
I'm used to drawing people quite realistic so I  felt a bit put out of my comfort zone to create faces that were out of proportion. One of the faces I did looked a bit too weird and was unrecognisable as a face, looking at the shape of the face alone looks like a piece of furniture than a face so there are limits to haw far you can go. I think I will want to practice doing this a bit more so I can get the hang of it a bit more.

Face shape experiments

 Hercules Body Proportion Sketch

Winnie the Pooh Proportion Sketch - Justin said the proportions were not far of however the circles and the spine shape were a little bit off also the circles in the head, not ovals because Winnie the Pooh is made of fully rounded shapes. 

Quick proportion sketches for character design ideas.

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