Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Wk 4 Character Design Class

Creating a character from objects :

Villain - Cooker
Hero - Fridge

I had trouble looking for what could be a side kick under the kitchen theme, but I thought humour coulds be found in a pepper pot and the idea of sneezing all the time. I thought of Sasha's pepper mill from last year, then crated my own varition of the pepper pot.

Villain - Cooker: My first design I put oven gloves on hooks at the sides to but oven gloves are very round, however making them look more like boxing glove/ovengloves it makes it a macho villain. 

Props for Batman, Knuckle duster blade, bat dart. The idea was to take shapes from the charcters design and translate it into there props as though they are made for that specific charcter. 

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