Monday, 8 November 2010

Creating a Coral Reef

After reading through the extracts I wanted to recreate the coral landscape the explorers walk through on there expeditions to the bottom of the ocean. I thought it would be interesting to look at coral because of the wide range of colours and textures i could be able to recreate in photoshop. My last final piece was successful because of the texture i created using the different types of brushes it would good to carry this into my future images.

Different types of Coral

Textured surfaces...
To get the textured surfaces i can create my own brushes in photoshop so i have my own set of brushes to use across all 3 of my paintings.
Bright Pink Coral

Fan Coral
I particularly liked this image because the way the coral branches out in this image almost looks like lightening fading into the darkness. By picking out different colours in the coral and making areas stand out i can draw attention to specific areas withing the drawing. 

Fox Coral

Light Ripples