Thursday, 18 November 2010

More Photoshop Week 3

After the photoshop lesson with Phil i began applying textures to the layers of coral to begin creating a sense of depth. With the brushes i wanted to create a stone like texture but it took me a while to find one that would work. In previous photoshop lessons Phil told us that water only reflected and distorted light so i thought it would do the same under water on surfaces so i tried to bolck in some random areas of light particularly on the ledge in the foreground which is woking well.
I also scanned in a thumbnail i liked to work from of a larger view of the city...

However I felt like the piece wasnt really working because the perspective is slightly off in my sketch and i really stuggled with finding the right brushes to use for this piece. I flet like i wasnt really in right frame of mind to do this piece and environments are appearing not to be a strength of mine. In the last photoshop image I built it up using the shapes of the coral and setting it out in blocked out shapes also in some of my drawn thumbnail i mainly been layering a series of shapes. Taking tutor Phil's advice I will do some thumbnails in photoshop to make some more clear, it make take me a bit longer because im slow with photoshop but i feel it will help me a great deal with my visualisation.

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