Thursday, 18 November 2010

Photoshop Class: Unit 2 Week 2

Continuing with the piece I started the week before... This week I started to think about colour and find a style to make it look like it is underwater. I was really unsure how to go about this but by looking at other artists work and talking to Photoshop Phil narrowed it down to colours used. Looking through the images that i had collected I wanted to choose an image whith a good colour range that i could use in my own work. The image I felt was the strongest and agreed by Phil was the image I found on DeviantArt titled the Forgotten Atlantis. On the image below i mapped out in the previous week (after neating up the layered edge and choosing a strong contrast range between the layers) I began to apply the coulour range using the adjustment tools.

Adding perspective lines helped me to see how the perspective can work withing my drawing.

I decided to move the layers over revealing more of the background for more light to flood in from above and include the underwater mountain the city of Atlantis is built on... In the background I want glimpses of the city because I originally wanted this image to depict the explorers climb to Atlantis through the coral... In the text it describes them being lead by a red glowing light... in the later stages of this piece I will put a slight red glow in various areas of the piece red is a complimentary colour to blue so it should contrast nicely and break up the large areas of blue/green. 
The Forgotten Atlantis
Also this week I decided to begin making a coral brush i cam stamp onto my coral.

Fan Coral

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