Thursday, 18 November 2010

Research: Building the City of Atlantis

Reading through the texts of the description of Atlantis...
"Down below, before my very, eyes lay the ruins of a submerged city, swallowed by the sea. It's roofs were sunken its temples demolished arches in pieces its columns on the ground,but its proportions were clearly outlined, reminding me of the stately architecture of Tuscany."

 My research tells me that Tuscany is in Italy and searching images I found the following images of its architecture:

For me these images don't really come into my mind when I think of Atlantis... and by what iv seen from other artists not in there mind either.

In these images, especially the top one, seem to have some Roman influences from the round pillar buildings  and arches and this is what I imagine from the extract especially when the text mentions temples and demolished arches. Later on into the description it goes into the History of the city and he talks about the historian Plato who has appeared in my searches for images of the city.

"Reconstruction of the capital of Atlantis according to Plato's description, drawn by Walter Heiland in Albert Herrmann's Unsere Ahnen und Atlantis (1934)"

Looking at these drawings and Plato's documentation and images of the city depict a circular structure to the city which i find really interesting and a good base to build my city on. The picture above to the right shows the city in composition to the volcano which could help me position the volcano against the city in my drawings.


  1. Nice montage of images of Atlantis...thanx.
    Seems Plato gained his knowledge from Egyptians, so the hellinic element of the architecture does seem anachronistic.

  2. What great images. I am really impressed with the reality exposed with your talent. Blessings