Thursday, 18 November 2010

Progression of First Final Piece + Photoshop Class Week 3

Continuing on with the the piece from the photoshop classes I began to fill in the other layers using the same brush for the texture of the rocks of the coral using a lighter colour range each layer back. I wanted to keep the shapes of the coral defined as a part of the style of the painting because i really focused on the shapes of the coral. 

When I reached the stage above I asked a for some feed back from a couple of class mates and they commented on the quality of texture. I also showed this piece to Johnathan who tackeled an underwater piece for the last project with his successful angeler fish splice. He showed me how create a greater sense of depth using a gradient as an overlay and how to create light light rays using the lasso tool... Creating the image below to show me as an example.      

Taking these newly learned techniques on board I went away and produced the piece below. I used the gradient overlay covering the whole image like the one above for depth but i used the ligght rays falling in between the layes lighting up the background layers.

 Using an overlay over the far background layers where Atlantis is and darkened it down using a dark blue overlay. In my opinion the dark blue sets the background from the green foreground which gives the feel of a distance between the two.   

I got a comment on this last piece that the coral in the last layer is too light and the coral shape in the center is distracting from the Atlantis city in the background and thats where I would like the focus of this piece to be. My next stage for this piece is to darken the coral possibally change the shape and fill the details in the background and extra foreground details (top right corner). Anymore advice or thechniques i could use for this piece would be greatly appreaciated... especially any paintbrush effects in photoshop as I feel this is slowing my progress down because I cant get the effect im looking for.     

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