Friday, 19 November 2010

Photoshop Class: Unit 2 Week 4

This week in Photoshop I wanted to find out ways how to transform this piece into an underwater dreamworld and I think Iv finally cracked it! I started the day off feeling worried about my painting not looking like its underwater and it became such a mess to deal with in photoshop. In the Maya tutorial this morning Alan took a look at my previous piece. He pointed out, like in Maya the main elements to creating an underwater scene consists of 3 key visual elements: Light rays surface (ripple light), atmosphere distortion (blur) and floating particles that are picked up by the light (noise). Iv already picked out the obvious ones like the lighting and the surface ripples but i didn't really think about the other two!
Taking Alan's advice into Photoshop Class with Phil in the afternoon I could finally find a way to solve my problems! 

Composition wise Phil suggested that I flipped the angel of the city in the background in line with the shape of the coral on the left.

Next on my list was to find a way to make the shining surfaces on the coral ground, this was solved by making a brush then using Gaussian blur to blend it in:

I also started to make some coral brush's to use as stamps of my final pieces:

Fan Coral

Kelp/ Seaweed
When I got home I began to work the corals into the painting... 

Instant transformaton! I feel alot more confident with this piece because I found some techniques that have been working for me and should make my next 2 pieces develope a lot quicker with fewer problems.


  1. Hey, it's really getting better, I love that you are adding some more and more detail, but still the thing is that I don't really like in every second student's work is that croped feeling with very sharp lines, but it's just my opinion. I'm not saying to make it bluty, but try to make something more intermediative from one plan to deeper one. And colours doesn't look like from a dream in alice from wonderland anymor :D It's underwater!

  2. Such lovely tones, this is really good