Thursday, 28 October 2010

Deviant Art Raid: Atlantis

For more inspiration i decided to look though images on searching for digital art under the theme of Atlantis because it is a widely known name given to the sunken city that is also mentioned in the text. These are a couple of images that stood out for me...   

This piece is titled The Forgotten Atlantis, it really stood out for me because the light flooding in from the backgrounds light source adds a good depth of field by the layers blurring into the light. The white light brings a softness to the piece which is different to the concept art i looked at for Bioshock.
I also liked the way the buildings are emerging from the stone pillars almost as tho they are hidden as tho it is built into the landscape.

This second piece is a lot more darker but I liked the the ancient ruins in the foreground against the silhouettes of skyscrapers emerging in the background as a contrast in cultures.

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