Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Life Drawing Week 6: Negative Space

1st Drawing - 45 mins
Our task for life drawing this week was to consider the space that was around the model and avoid drawing in the details of the model. At first i was unsure of what we had to do so i started to draw the outline of the model and fill in the details of what i can see in the background of my model. I was looking for objects that intersected the outline of the figure and mapped them in the spaces around the model. After this first drawing Chris pointed out that the idea of the exercise was to to consider everything infront of us as shapes and that we didnt have to acknowledge the details. He pointed out in my drawing that the shape of the figure was really strong but the detail in the backgroungd looks too busy so it draws attention away from the model. 

2nd Drawing - 1 hour

After getting a clearer idea of what we had to do i found the exercise a lot easier and the results were alot more promising. I feel my figure drawings will greatly benifit from this exercise because looking at the shapes more carefuly and anaylising the figure as a shape I can look for all the slight changes in the body's outline to get a stronger visual response.

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