Friday, 15 October 2010

Photoshop Week 4


  1. Hey Kay, you've really maintained the femininity in these drawings - and that's a good thing; I just wonder at that full head of hair though; I wonder if you might consider thinning out the hair (because your animal doesn't have it) - as if the hair is coming away or is finding difficulty in growing? It would lend a greater realism to your portrait perhaps and also add some further interest?

  2. I agree the hair is a bit to much almost looks looks like im wearing a wig! Lucky i have put the hair on a separate layer tho so i can easily thin it out. Armadillos do have some hair on there underbelly but it is very thin and bald looking. Looks like the hair is growing between the softer scales on the belly, so small traces of hair between the scales on the head could give the impression of growing difficulties.