Thursday, 14 October 2010

Life Drawing Week 4

30 mins drawing

Back to normal this week but getting a bit more technical with scale measuring. I definitely felt my drawings changed by using this technique as it made them look more accurately proportioned (once i got the measurements even!) The first image we did it took me a while to get into the swing of measuring then drawing,  also it to a while to correct my mistake of making some of the sections too big making torso too long in proportion to the head. In the end i managed to correct my drawing but i didn't finish it.

30 min drawing

Second time round however, i managed to get the drawing near to finished but i feel that i didn't measure the points evenly for the legs as the appear to be a little bit to short.

5 min sketch
This is my favourite draw of the lesson where we had a short amount of time i didn't think much about accuracy i just acted instinctively to what i could see. It was good to have a break from the tediously time consuming measuring tasks we did before. 

1 min sketch

1 min sketch

1 min sketch
After the 5 min sketch we were then given 1 minute sketches, iv never had to work so quickly in life drawing before and i am defiantly not the quickest of drawers. In the first drawing i realised that 1 min is no time at all! I tackled the drawings by making gestures of the shape of the form, but i think i did quite well because even with the few lines i can still see a figure. 

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