Thursday, 14 October 2010

Life Drawing Week 3

Group Abstract Drawing
Observational Drawing (without looking at the paper) 

This weeks life drawing the model couldn't make it so we had mannequin's to draw from... but with a twist. We had to go round the room drawing on to other peoples work, first ignoring the original drawings and working over the top of them. We then had to acknowledging the marks and start working into them to make sense of the image. I didnt really like this exercise because of all the moving around but i found it was good to have a change from the traditional straight forward life drawing.
Drawing the objects without looking at the paper was an interesting exerience because it was so tempting to look at the paper! I found myself trying to resist looking most of the time rather than concentrating.
20 min Drawing

20 min Drawing

20 min Drawing
The second part of the life drawing members of the group volunteered to be models (clothed of course.) These are some of the strongest i have done to date in the life drawing, the second image being the strongest.

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