Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Insipration! Underwater City: Rapture - Bioshock

Big Daddy and Little Sister
Last week I thought i would treat myself with new game: Bioshock! I was drawn to this game by the awesome creature and character designs, however the main concept for this game is that it is set in an incredibly stylised sunken city left for ruin... reminding me of a modern Atlantis of skyscrapers. Before buying the game i remember looking as some of the concept art ( Character Designs @ what stood out tho was the blue/green ocean glow that creates an eerie atmosphere.

In the extracts from 20000 Leagues the mention of lights and shadows was a regular occurrence...
Extract 1: pp 182 - " The rays of our lights created something resembling twilight which lengthened immeasurably the shadows on the bed of the sea."
The image above of Big Daddy and Little Sister the yellow glow from the eyes and the lights bring highlights to the image to contrast with the vast amount of blue. Looking at the city's concept art of the interiors and exteriors the use of glowing light sources below the use of glowing light is devised to highlight key areas. In my work i want to play around with the idea of light sources to light up areas I want attention to be brought to in my image, also its a good colour to range my colour pallet with. Warm colours like red and orange will also help me to define key details... especially drawing the ruins of Atlantis which is situated next to an active volcano!


  1. watch your formating/presentation - unless it's different on my laptop, you've got 'orphaned' fragments of sentences and that same, bitty appearance; think about the presentation of your text/images before posting.

    I got the same folder as you, and im a HUGE fan of bioshock 1 + 2
    Its definitely a great inspiration...